SWOT Hoops has 3 Shooting Lanes that are open 24 hours a day. Players can get up 1200 shots in an hour with the latest Dr. Dish FCTLY. Our Facility is designed to always have a place to work on your game. Don’t go to a rec center and get kicked out for classes, practices, pick up games, etc. Our member leaderboard tracks everyone’s shooting and our each month’s top performer will be rewarded!!Anyone can join our Shooting Lab!

The Shooting Lab has 3 Shooting Lanes with the latest Dr. Dish FCTLY. The Shooting Lab is available 24/7 so you can get shots up on your own schedule. The Main Court is available for shooting outside of training hours and can be scheduled online.

Compete against everyone in SWOT Hoops with our Leaderboard. Our top performers will earn different rewards each month that could include free shooting memberships, shirts, backpacks, or other items. Prizes will change monthly.