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🏀 Summer Scoring Transformation 🔥

We’re looking for basketball players of any skill level who are looking to dramatically transform their scoring ability with our Scoring Transformation Program!

Here’s the deal: We can take only a few new clients to partake in our most intensive scoring transformation program.

This is not a “quick fix” or “hack” to gain life altering confidence but in 6 weeks you will be AMAZED with the results.

If you are a player or parent highly motivated, get started now to see what you can accomplish!

What you get:

🔥Scoring Transformation Classes

🔥Individualized Improvement Plan

🔥1:1 Accountability

🔥And much much more

This is for MOTIVATED PEOPLE ONLY. If you struggle to score in game and struggle with your confidence, we want to help.

If you’re still reading this, there’s someone you know we can help.

Scoring Transformation Scoring Transformation Weekly
3 Weekly Lessons
Individualized Development Plan
Individualized Accountability
Personal Training Groups
21 Day – $299
6 Weeks – $599
8 Weeks – $999
2 Weekly Lessons
Individualized Development Plan
Individualized Accountability
Personal Training Groups
Weekly Subscription
$199 Initiation and $49 Weekly

Great experience

…I can’t express enough how great my experience has been with Coach Andy. If you’re serious about improving your skills, this is. the place to be. His passion and deep understanding for the game in unmatched. He ensures that every workout session is productive and challenging and also provides personalized training plans that are tailored to your needs.

~ Eleyana T. Current Division 1 Player


Andy has been such a great coach. He really understood our daughter and how she could improve her basketball skills. He got into a lot of detailed areas of her game and her play improved dramatically.

~ Barry P. Parent

Improvement and Communication

We love the way he teaches. We are not there for gold star stickers or pats on the back. We are there for improvement and growth and coach Andy gives this to your kids with a perfect balance of encouragement and correction. We believe growth can be obtained by being stretched beyond what you can do.

He does a great job communicating! There are a few instances where either one of us has an up coming conflict that needs to be rescheduled and we have appreciated the quick text response that is available.

Our son comes out of practice with a positive disposition every time and is excited to go back and learn. We are in this for the long haul. Thanks coach Andy!

~ CJ Z, Parent


Players get 8 1-Hour Academy Sessions within the month. Academy is limited to 6 players per session. Unused sessions do not rollover to the next month.


Players get 30 1-Hour Shooting Sessions within the month. Our gym is equipped with 3 Dr. Dish’s available 24/7. Compete against everyone in the facility and earn rewards for being a top performer. Unused sessions do not rollover to the next month.